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Junior Certificate 2009

 Think about a NOVEL or SHORT STORY you have studied.

  • Name the Novel OR Short Story
  • Describe the opening of the novel or short story
  • Describe how a character changed in a GOOD or BAD way by the end of the novel or short story

(20 marks)

I studied the novel “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by Irish author, John Boyne.  The story is set during World War Two. It is about a young German boy called Bruno.  Bruno makes friends with Shmuel. Shmuel is Jewish and is an inmate of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

In the beginning of the novel, Bruno comes home to find Maria, the family maid, packing his clothes into wooden crates. Bruno and his family have to move from their home in Berlin to “Out-With”. They have to move because “The Fury” came to visit. He  gave Bruno’s Dad a promotion. “Out-With” is what Bruno calls Auschwitz Concentration Camp and ”The Fury” is really Hitler. Bruno’s Dad is given the job of running the concentration camp. Bruno is very unhappy and angry about moving away from his three best friends and his grandparents.

Bruno doesn’t change that much during the novel. He never really understands who “The Fury” is or what bad things go on in the concentration camp. However, Bruno does learn a lesson after he lies to Lieutenant Kotler and pretends he never saw Shmuel before. He knows that he did the wrong thing and got his friend into trouble. Lieutenant Kotler beats Shmuel for stealing chicken at Bruno’s house. Bruno gave Shmuel the food to eat. In the end, Bruno realises he made a mistake. He says he is sorry and Shmuel forgives him. I think this shows Bruno changes in a good way during the novel.

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Take a Multiple Choice Quiz

So, you think you know the story?  Try out this Multiple Choice Quiz on “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by If you like, you can add a comment to say how well you did. Good Luck![...]

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Film Trailer

  Miramax released a film version of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” in 2008. It was directed by Mark Herman. John Boyne and Mark Herman wrote the screen play together. The film stars Ada Butterfield who plays  Bruno and Jack Scanlon who plays the part of Shmuel. The film won a Peopl[...]

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Listen to this extract from Chapter Ten of the novel when Bruno Meets Shmuel for the first time. Answer these questions. What are your first impressions of Shmuel? Give reasons for your answer? Name and describe two items of clothes Shmuel is wearing.[...]

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A review is your opinion of a book, film, CD or concert. When you are writing a review you should include: an introduction: the title, name of the author/director and the genre (book, film, play, magazine etc.). a description: some background information, a brief outline of the storyline or main poi[...]

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John Boyne is the author of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. He was born in Ireland in 1971. He has written six novels so far.  “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” has won two Irish Book Awards: Children’s Book of the Year and People’s Choice Book of the Year. In 2008 Miramax released a [[...]

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